Trying to copy fob - looking to hire one on one consult

I am not an expert and I am trying to copy my Schlage 9691T fob with my new flipper zero. My new apt door lock uses high frequency and the access points in my building use low frequency with the same fob

I’ve been playing around and reading on here and so far have only been able to emulate either or, but not write

To be efficient I would like to hire an expert to help me one on one. I also have blank fobs

My telegram is @seancoughlin or I can give you my WhatsApp

Thanks so much!

Still looking for someone with expertise to help consult me. Will pay PREMIUM

One person messaged me on telegram but I haven’t heard back. I am located in San Diego

Thank you!

I don’t think throw money on it will solve the problem. Beside legal restrictions, it is maybe a secure fob?

As far as I can read, it is not 125 KHz or 13,56 MHz. It is combined.

I do think it would be easier to analyze (and finally clone) it with a Proxmark. And as second step implement the findings in an app for the Flipper.
The Proxmark3 Easy should do the trick.

I feel the best way would be to look at local keysmiths. Most of them just have a blackbox device and a supply of blanks, but some are knowledgeable.

Thank you both for replying!

@maqumih you’d be surprised but the locksmiths here that I’ve spoken to can only do low frequency

I drove two hours and met with a guy I found on google. He was able to copy the fob but it only works on the door (high freq) and not the access points (low)

@LupusE just a normal apartment fob and my building doesn’t make copies for significant others etc unless they are on the lease.

Figured I would invest in the solution because I know a bunch of people who need the same thing. I can buy a proxmark3… would you be interested in consulting me remotely?

Telegram is @ seancoughlin

I am also having issues

I have successfully read my Salto key fob but it will only read and emulate on NFC
When I try to read on 125KHz it goes green then goes back to flashing blue.
Then when I try to write on a t5577 card it doesn’t do anything but it reads the card

Please someone help I’ve pulled all my hair out trying to figure this out

What do you try to write on T5577?
It is for LF RFID, and you say you can’t read anything on 125kHz.

I have tried to write on a T5577 fob which I purchased after doing research on this forum

It turns from blue to green then back again

The file is saved on NFC as won’t read on 125 but also won’t write onto a blank t5577 card

I have read and rewritten my friends fobs using 125 and the NFC but my Salto fob won’t work
I even painstakingly scratched off all the plastic that was over the fob as I thought maybe that was providing the reading

Never fear, its (probably) possible if youre ok using 2 fobs. I just did this with the 9691t Schlage key.

-It is dual frequency, mine used 125khz RFID for the elevator, and 13.56 mhz NFC for my door.

-YOU WILL HAVE TO RETROGRADE YOUR FLIPPER TO FIRMWARE VERSION 0.79. THERE IS A BUG AFTER 0.80 THAT PREVETNS SCHLAGE KEYS FROM SAVING PROPERLY. I write it in all caps bc it took me a long time to figure that out. Very important lol.

-You can only write the 125khz RFID to the t5577.

-You can write the 13.56 MHZ data to a magic gen1a type tag, I found cheap ones on amazon. You want to see “changable UID” 13.56mhz, and either “1k” or “4k” depending on what the flipper says your tag is. I beleive it’ll be 1k. Cost me 7.99 for a pack of 10.

-Getting the 13.56 data is a little more complicated but not terrible. I assume your key uses mifare crypto1. If not, good luck. Lots of writeups on how to do MIFARE keys, but some tldr steps:
You may have to use the NFC detect reader function and your phone app (click “hub” at the bottom, mfkey app) a few times to decode your specific reader’s “nonces”. Then scan your key, and keep working on it until you can emualte and open the door. I got it with 30/32 keys, some people say they needed 32.

-After you get a good emulation (and youre on flipper firmware 0.79 or lower), go to: Applications > NFC > Nfc Magic > Write Gen1A, and write your changeable UID NFC tag.

I’m trying to figure out if I can recase both into a Schlage key case to avoid paying a lost key fee but thats another journey lol.

As for payment, pls donate $25 to the SPCA or equivalent deed.

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