Trying to send IR using CLI not working

I’m having issues using the CLI to send IR. I used a camera to verify the Flipper is indeed sending a signal but apparently not correctly. I tried multiple codes that work for me directly from an ir file.

This is what it says
ir tx

This is what I tried(among other variations)
ir tx NECext 02 7D 00 00 4C B3 00 00

Same here… I looked at the data in my file and tried to replicate one of the buttons via ir tx NECext 00 FD 00 00 09 F6 00 00 but there is no reaction from the device. Anyone know what’s wrong here?

I figured it out

In the files the byte order appears to be reversed. So if your IR file has the sequence NECext 02 7D 00 00 4C B3 00 00 then you can try to execute this command using ir tx NECext 0x7D02 0xB34C

Did that work for you? I’ll give it a shot.

Yes it worked for me. Only problem I am facing now is that the ir LED on my flipper is pretty weak. I have to be pretty close to my TV to get it to react.

I’ve seen a couple people complain about weak IR but never experienced it. On average I’m 8-10 feet from my test target and I just tested my Flipper at over 25 feet without issue.

Thanks for sharing your solution! It should be much easier for me to do brute force tests over CLI.

I am also pretty happy with the range of the flipper remote.
But there are two limiting factors, we need to keep in mind:

  1. The timing. Some Remotes needs to send in a very specific timing. The Flipper is not very good at perfect timings.
  2. The lighting around. In some environments the range will decrease, because of the used light source. Some lightbulbs are very disturbing for the IR signal, maybe based on point 1, the flipper IR is worse than the original remote.

I’ve experienced this light bulb issue once. To understand this issue, I’ve had ‘Settings - System - Debug: on’, so I was able to see in ‘Infrared - Debug’ a lot of ‘noise’ (means the flipper saw a lot of signals, that seems to be codes, even if it was garbage).

Some boring theory: Taking over TVs with Flipper Zero Infrared Port
The Video in “Why Frequency Modulation” explained how it should be avoided in general. But not what happens, when the bulb (or similar) itself ‘generating’ ir pulses/bursts.