Turn off the Flipper when you don't need it?

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I have my Flipper Zero now since 2 weeks. I have read in the user manual that you should just turn it off when the battery is between 40-60% or lower.

Here is the link:

So I always keep it on until it is at 40%. But since the last few days for some reason the battery level decreases very fast even when I just have it in my pocket and don’t use it. Should I turn it off when I don’t need it ?

The 40-60% mark only applies to extended storage (1 month and longer) without use. You don’t need to turn of your flipper during the daily use, just charge it when the battery gets low (<15%) and that’s it.

The quick discharge might be due to the fact that your battery is cycling too quickly (because it goes from 100 to 50 instead of ~15), and that doesn’t give the battery controller a good reference point for the actual battery capacity. Just run it through a couple of full cycles (charge to 100%, disconnect, discharge to 0 without ever plugging it back in, then do the same once again) and the controller will re-calibrate itself.


yeah, as Astra said, it is probably the controller becoming miscalibrated. your battery is not actually discharging this much, but the charge controller has become confused as to what voltage maps to what percentage

charging it to maximum, then letting it discharge until it shuts down a few times is a good way to refresh the cache of data such a charge controller will keep for battery level calculation (some devices esp. laptops have a feature to allow you to manually refresh the cache with a single discharge, but flipper apparently does not)

the reason that you would want to charge it to 40%-60% is that lithium-ion batteries lose capacity the slowest when left at around this amount of their capacity if not being charged or discharged. for general use, this is not the case (i’ve heard that using about 15% of the battery then recharging it is the best for preserving a battery that is in use, but idk how true this is)

but i guess you like using your flipper a lot (as anyone rational should) and so you don’t need to worry about the 40%-60% thing

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I do leave it on during the day while i’m expected to use it and turn it off when i go to sleep. No point in turn it on/off many times in a row so if i’m going to use it i leave it on, but if i’m going to sleep and i’m not going to use it for example for half of a day no point on having it ON as well, that way you save power and component life and you are not damaging it by keeping turning it on/off, like for example with a personal computer (not a server or something you need to keep on all the time) or most likely a TV, if you are on the house you leave it on even if you are not looking at it all the time but if you go away or go to sleep you turn it off.

As for charging i’m only charging mine with 10% or less and i don’t allow it to drop below 5% ever.

if i leave it on while im asleep, will i get a screen burn on my flipper?