U.S.A. Flipper Zero Sales

Is there anything as a future customers can do to help this along? Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find a legit place to order one. I’ve been looking for a few weeks, I know people have been waiting months…but I’d like to get a purchase in before they jacked way to high or sold out for years on years. Maybe help by ordering 2/3 extra then sending them unopened to people that have ordered them and getting funded only after they receive their order? Sounds obnoxious and tedious…IDK,
Anyone know where I could at least get an order in at ?

Joom does not ship to the United States

-the mind/s behind flipper…fantastic

Astra the coms relation for the Flipper Zero project has said a few times on other posts and social media, that the US customers can expect US sales to open sometime this month. So if you can wait a bit, the price will go back down (no 1k ebay crap) and ordering will be available.

I’ve been anxious to get my hands on one too. Feel you. I also know that hackerwarehouse had some awhile ago. I imagine they will be getting more once US sales reopen. Ive bought a few things from them. Good guys there.

Anyways, hope this helps.

Hello there,

I have four coming to the UK.

I am happy to send you all the details, and pictures, if you’re interested. I can ship direct to the US, from the UK.

Also comes with the wifi dev board, silicone case and prototype boards.

Let me know if you’re interested, payment through PayPal for both our protection, I can send you my eBay account so you can see proof of legit seller also.

Have a great weekend.

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