U2F doesn't work with FIDO2 (Azure, Office 365)

First of all, why isn’t there a U2F subforum? Every other part of the flipper has its own subforum, except U2F?

I successfully setup the Flipper as a U2F device for my Google account, and now I’m trying to do the same in Azure (Office 365). I have enabled FIDO2 for myself in the admin section at https://portal.azure.com. Then after logging into my work account I went to My Sign-Ins and clicked on “Add sign-in method”. In the list I choose “Security Key”, but the setup process fails as it doesn’t see the Flipper.

My guess is that Flipper does not support FIDO2. Will support be added at some later stage?

Yes, we don’t support FIDO2 yet, that will be added in the future


Thank you for the quick answer!

So the hardware support for FIDO2 is there?




hello, I did not understand, the fido2 will be supported with an update or by buying a new version of flipper zero?

Is there an update on this?

Hello! I would like to see support for FIDO2/WebAuthn aswell and also NFC support for it.

I’d also really like to use FIDO2 credentials on my Flipper, and I’d especially like to be able to use them over NFC so I can authenticate on my mobile devices without carrying a cable.