Unable to open qFlipper AppImage in TailsOS

I have not been able to update the firmware on my brand new Flipper Zero, because I cannot run the qFlipper AppImage in TailsOS.

Clicking the icon in File Manager has no effect.

In the terminal, ./qFlipper-x86_64-1.3.2.AppImage produces the following output:

/tmp/.mount_qFlippCcAgVb/usr/bin/qFlipper: error while loading shared libraries: libOpenGL.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

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Tails privacy features could be causing all kinds of issues. You could try another OS. You could also try web flashing. i think the Tor browser might be Chrome based(IIRC) so it might support web serial. I’m not a regular Tails user so I could be incorrect. Tails is an unusual OS so it’s tough to troubleshoot.

It’s Firefox based, and has no WebSerial - you guess, privacy features.

Not sure if qflipper configtool for linux users versus persistent storage options could be causing a problem? its debian based right?

so after using qflipper install and using qflipper config before starting, and making sure that config is persistent , it should work i think, but it could be a tails feature.

downloading tails now , never used it before, so i feel stupid now, so i wanna try, just not in the most sober weekend state so it could take a while before i find the motivation to actually finish the install :smiley: i have enough amnesia issues my self, so trying a OS that does that for me never seemed like a good match, but it seems to have some cool features, so if i am bored somewhere tomorrow i will try to install it on my laptop to see if its worth the effort :smiley:

I have now also tried it in Whonix, and even on an Ubuntu based distro. I keep getting the same error on every box I try.

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I’m on a different Linux distro (arch based) and the appimage also doesn’t function properly. It launches but doesn’t recognize the flipper as a supported device. I think the appimage is just broken.

you did run the configuration before trying to run the application?

I had a somewhat similar experience running Linux Mint 21.2. I was able to download qflipper, and then it would not appear when clicked on. Then when it would show up it would not connect to the device. It saw it, but threw an error I cant remember.

Ultimately opening the app with admin rights, or opening the folder in terminal and using sudo was able to connect properly.

Did you try installing the missing library? My comments may not even be relevant as I have no experience with TailsOS, but hopefully this helps someone!

How about running the configuration ? Many seem to forget about that feature :slight_smile: