Universal infrared remote off/on button got really slow?

After I downloaded the latest update (I didn’t update for like 4-5 months) the universal tv remote on/off button takes way longer to turn anything off or on, anybody can help please?

The universal remote got a IR library, and going trough all matching buttons in the file.
If your library is short it won’t take long. The more entry’s you got, the longer it will take.

If your TV is at the beginning of the file, it takes less time than the codes at the end.

So if you trying the Universal Remote on different TV, it will take a different amount of time. If you know the brand/model, you can look up the codes at the Flipper-IRDB (GitHub) and search in the Library file. Based in this you know it will be send at the beginning near the middle or at the end.

If you are using the Universal Remote at the same device, I need to ask: “Why?”. I really would be interested in a reason.
In that case, use the diffs in GitHub as a time machine and compare the library file from 4 to 5 month ago I with the actual one… I don’t think there will be much differences, if you are using the official Firmware.

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