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Hi folks,

The other day, I was smoking a cigarette outside my workplace when a delivery guy arrived and swiped his universal access badge. This guy had a UNIVERSAL BADGE!!! The holy grail. So, when he came out, I asked to see his card, he showed it to me and then I asked if I could copy it. He said, “No problemo!”

I pulled out my phone (I didn’t have my flipper with me…) and copied his badge, reading all the sectors. It took some time, but everything seemed okay!

The problem came after : I used the Mifare Classic tool to copy it onto a Mifare Classic 1K, but it didn’t work try the card on the reader… I copied the dump onto a magic card and even made a perfect clone, but it still didn’t work with the reader…

The strange thing is that the response from the reader is not the normal long red flash. It’s a fast, flashing red blink.

Does anyone have any idea what’s happening and why I can’t use the copy or the clone?

peace out :saluting_face:

I can’t believe he let you copy it! :rofl: Sadly I can’t help you with this but I will be following this thread as it’s very interesting.

Is it possible his key only works when it’s scheduled to work? Perhaps the flash means it’s a valid card but an invalid time or day.

  • The reader may reject magic cards. Not overly frequent, but possible.
  • Apart from time of day, it might have a limited validity period - VIGIK universal keys are reported to have that feature exactly to make copying useless.
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The thing is that i did it the same week (of the same month) during working time and tryied to clone on a classic Mifare 1k too… Compared the Dump files they are identical for all the sectors.

Tant pis !