Universal Remote - Save remotes

I just got my Flipper this week and I have been looking for a way to save the universal remotes for regular use. So the universal remote goes through every IR option for power/volume/channel/etc but how can I save that for regular use?

I have a few older tvs without remotes so I was hoping I could program the flipper for all of those.

For items I do have the remotes for I have been programming and saving the IR signals which has been loads of fun.

At first read https://github.com/flipperdevices/flipperzero-firmware/blob/dev/documentation/file_formats/InfraredFileFormats.md

A universal remote (IR Library File) is in general generated from various .ir (IR Signal File) files.

So you have the saved IR files

File A: power, vol+, vol-
File B: power, vol+, vol-
File C: power, vol+, vol-

This is combined to a IR Universal remote file

File TV: power, vol+, vol-, power, vol+, vol-, power, vol+, vol-

How do you want to find out what power is the right one? The files I saw are not very verbose commented. And even if, the names are not displayed while sending (would be a cool improvement).

Use GitHub - Lucaslhm/Flipper-IRDB: A collective of different IRs for the Flipper as base and copy the commands manual as needed. Or write a script.

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Thank you for this! This should help me work through it.


I recommend you download all the sdcard files you generally need. These have lots of IR files, .sub files already.
Then when in the IR remote, go to saved remotes and you’ll find every TV that exists almost.

If your TV is successfully controlled by universal remote, you can try bisection. Delete ~half the entries in the library file (format detailed above), test, repeat with either this half or the other one. IrDB is better, though, if you manage to find a file by brand+model.

I used to have a universal remote app for my phone, back when I had an IR sensor.

The way it could narrow down the codes for a specific device was great.

Step one was the using a button on the app, like Vol + until the it worked on the device. Step two was using a different button until it worked. That allowed the app to figure out which remote in it’s database worked with the device.

I’m not sure if the Flipper could handle it but a feature like that, that then allowed you to save the remote would be fantastic.

Would be possible to write. The logic is good. If you know the brand you should be able to narrow it down to only a few address/command sets.

But to make this effort, the first step would be a cleanup of the IRDB. Do you know how much different names each same key got?

I’ve tried to get a picture: https://github.com/LupusE/fzIRDB2SQL/blob/main/db/csv/Flipper-IRDB2SQLite_btn-transl.csv