Universal serial infrared converter script

As I’ve recently
investigated the infrared interface with the LEGO Mindstorms RCX (yellow programmable brick from 1998), I’ve decided to write a script that allows to generate Flipper Zero IR files from raw serial data in hexadecimal representation.

I’ve tested it with the LEGO RCX brick, but it should work with other IR serial communication, too.

So I just wantd to leave it here, as it may help others.

If you like this and want to give something back, help me build custom apps/plug-ins for the Flipper Zero - with custom UIs - that can send arbitrary serial commands.

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:joy: Small world! I’m following you on mastodon. Thanks for sharing. I thought I was going to have to build this script myself when I got my Flipper. I will test yours out when my Flipper arrives.

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I’ve been playing with LEGO Power Functions controller, mostly straightforward except they flip a bit or two indicate long buttons press

I have the file here: flipper_toolbox/IR at main · evilpete/flipper_toolbox · GitHub


Wow, it seems I never really posted the actual link to the GitHub repository here (or I am blind now): You can find it here: GitHub - maehw/SerialHex2FlipperZeroInfrared: Convert infrared serial interface commands for Flipper Zero 🐬 🧱🤖

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve now added a small Python script to visualize raw IR signals. It’s a bit hacky (and not very generic at the moment), but works:

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Thanks !!!

Thank you so much for sharing! That would have really helped me a few days ago. I’ll remember to check it out next time I want to visualize the codes. I’ll probably dig through your code so I can get a better understanding of the .ir files.

Thanks again! This should be a massive help!

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