Unknown IR Signal in my Flat

Hello everyone,
in my flat, when i click the “learn new remote” button in the IR App, i receive a raw signal and i dont know from what this can come. The only turned on devices are my laptop, a monitor and a music player.
And as far as i know the laptop and monitor dont have IR Senders.

When i save it and read the file on my PC, this is the content:

Filetype: IR signals file
Version: 1
name: RAW_3
type: raw
frequency: 38000
duty_cycle: 0.330000
data: 432 2986 373

Does anyone has any idea what this is and know where i can find informations about it?

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My best guess is that one of your lights is doing this. I actually had a CFL light many years ago that could turn our TV on and off. LED lights can do it as well. It’s probably just a coincidence that whatever your light is doing looks like a real IR signal to the Flipper.

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RAW signals of less them ~30 samples are most likely just garbage. Cf. Anti-noise config - #3 by maqumih