Unknown ISO tag

Hello, i tried to read a NFC Card used in our business.


Any ideas on this one?

It looks a bit like this, when I use a flashlight to look through it.


Your card uses the Mifare Plus protocol, which is not yet supported by the Flipper, and the full reading may never be supported because this card uses strong cryptography that has no known attack vectors to date.

As a reference, if the card has a chip on it like a bank card, it is probably currently impossible to emulate - and using strong cryptography.

Was somebody able to emulate “Unknown ISO tag” cards?

Hello, i recently unboxed my Flipper, and try to read one of my CC, and it showns the credit card numbers, but, after upgraded started showing the “Unknow ISO error”, it is possible to downgrade the firmware or it is possible the error is related with an excpecific version?

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This feature was specifically removed due to confusion it caused. Downgrading is possible but not recommended. Do you need it for more than just fun?

Same shit i don’t know how to fix it.