Unknown tag, any way to get more information?


I have an access card I use to enter the building my company is in.
It is a white, credit card sized card with no special markings on it. My name and a 10 digit number (decimal, but could be hex, highest digit is 6) are printed on labels on it.
Looking through the card with a strong flashlight, I can see a chip, and two tiny wires from the chip to one big ring-antenna consisting of many windings of the tiny wire.
Since I saw a few NFC and low frequency cards before, it looks more like a low frequency card to me.

Flipper doesn’t detect the card in 125kHz mode, neither does it in NFC mode.

The reader is not detected by flipper in NFC mode, but if I emulate any 125kHz card and hold the flipper to the reader, the indicator light turns from orange to red, so it is detecting the flipper!

The readers on my normal way into my office don’t have any company name/id/… visible, but there are different readers in different parts of the building I will check.

Is there any way to find out more about the card, e.g. to check if flipper is detecting anything from the card, and just software to support it is missing?

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Untill something like reading raw is implemented there is little you can do.
If you can’t find any markings on the reader the best that you can do with flipper is what you already have done.
If the reader reacted to flipper in 125khz mode it most likely is a low frequency reader but it can be both, so you can use something like this to make sure

You can try to read your card with other stuff like KeySy, proxmark3, ICopy, etc

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Hi! RFID RAW has been implemented, you can now enable debug in your flipper’s system settings and record the signal from the tag via the Record RAW option in LFRFID’s Extra actions menu, and then send it here for us to analyze.


Hello, where is the “here” to which a humble noob would send the files, please? Thanks!

Edit: How do you open these things? They’ve actually got a .raw extension. Surely they’re not image files?

This is from the NFC section, but it describes well how requests will be useful: About the NFC card support requests category

.raw is just an extension. A name.
Copy this file to a PC (via qFlipper or from SD) and open it with any texteditor.

Some Infos about the file formats can be found here: https://github.com/flipperdevices/flipperzero-firmware/tree/dev/documentation/file_formats
This are the parsed ones, the raw are slightly different.

Thanks for the resource!

I did try a text editor first, and even with changing the file extension it comes up like this seems we can’t upload images, but it’s gibberish characters. I’ll keep poking at it.


It is an (arguably, stupid) limit on newcomers. Make a few posts and the restriction will go away.

Or upload it to an Imageboard, like https://imgur.io/ and post the link here. Like in every form where uploading is not allowed.

But binary (gibberish) sounds like the wrong file or a defect SD Card.