About the NFC card support requests category

This category is dedicated to requests for adding new NFC card parsers for the Flipper Zero.

How do I request a new parser?

First of all, look through the existing submissions here and check if your card already has a request. If so, you can vote for it, that way we’ll see that there’s demand for this kind of cards and increase the priority on that parser.

If your card is not present in this category, then follow those steps to help us add it:

  1. Check if it is supported and can be parsed

    • Supported card types are: Mifare Ultralight, Mifare Classic, NTAG. Any other types (for example Mifare Plus, Mifare DESFire, NFC-B, NFC-V and NFC-F) are not supported yet.
    • Hotel keys, work passes and other access passes usually can’t be parsed. On the other hand, transit passes and arcade token cards usually can be parsed, provided that you have the keys to read them.
  2. Create a new topic in this category. Set the name of the topic to your card’s name.

  3. Create a full card dump with the Flipper. This means that if the card is Mifare Classic, it should have all the keys and sectors found, and Ultralight/NTAG cards should have all of the pages read.

    • Getting all the keys may require using the “Detect Reader” feature of the Flipper to collect them from the reader.
  4. Attach the .nfc file and photos of your card to your message.

  5. If you have multiple cards, repeat steps 3 and 4 for each one.

  6. Provide all the info you have on this system, as it may help speed up the development. Location where it’s used, what it’s used for, number of rides/points on the card, anything you know may help.

After that, you can publish the topic.