Unlocking my broken screen iPhone

Does anyone have a script written so that I can input my password and unlock my phone? My screen is broken, so the touch feature is inoperable. I need to unlock it, so that it will back up everything on it to the cloud and then pull that into my new phone. Thought this may be a solution, but if y’all have any other ideas on how to get the thing open that would be awesome too

Since iOS 11.4.1 and later the option to simple unlock an iPhone via USB keyboard is no longer available.
The BadUSB is just a very fast keyboard, it won’t work out of the box. No script will help without interface.

Maybe if You have paired your Flipper via Bluetooth before, there is a BadBT application. But without screen, no BT pairing.

In my limited Apple ecosystem knowledge there are two ways:

  1. Use an iTunes (needs already be paired) to get a backup
  2. Take it to someone trustworthy to replace the display

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