Update hangs on "Waiting for SD card"

I am able to update the firmware via qFlipper. But it hangs on the step where the flipper says Updating, Waiting for SD card. If I reboot the flipper it cannot mount the SD, removing and inserting fixes that. But it mentions no databases are loaded. It is a 16GB class 10 card.

Any help/tips would be appreciated.


That sounds like a faulty SD card. The “Class 10” refers to the SDIO interface, while we use SPI, which is often poorly implemented on non-brand name SD cards. Try using another one.

Thanks for the reply. Already ordered a new card to see if the card was the issue. Your reply indicates that was a sensible choice.

Will report back if the issue is resolved with a different card

I changed the SD to a different brand (Philips). That resolved the issue reported.

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