Updating Radio Firmware (v1.13.3 -> v1.15.0)?


just wondering if this would be something to really avoid.

By documentation this is firmware “core2” and should not be updated. Nevertheless I would like to ask if this is very very risky or even not supposed or even more not really possible?

I have currently radio firmware “v1.13.3 (light)” which it came shipped with and which was released on March 17th 2022.

Meanwhile available is v1.15.0 released on Nov 9th 2022 which is the 3rd update release after the one installed. Just wondering if Flipper Zero might profit from any of the following changes (referring to default BLE version of the firmware)? If not any discussion update update process might not be of interest at this point.


  • ID 105792 : some setting corrections related to Time execution variability of CM0+/CM4 StandBy Exit Procedure when CPU is existing from StandBy on STM32WB15
  • ID 127091 : reconfiguration of External PA control IOs after exiting from standby on STM32WB15
  • ID 131753 : handling of error returned by service update characteristic function
  • ID 131820 : Solves Out of bound memory access while using SHCI_C2_FUS_GetState
  • ID 132534 : The appearance characteristic is now optionally writable.
  • ID 132729 : There is no more delay of one connection interval for the execution of the ACI_GAP_TERMINATE or HCI_DISCONNECT command.
  • ID 135184 : Fixes stuck CM0+ when the Wireless stack reset is triggered during the radio event
  • ID 131098 : parameter CFG_BLE_CORE_VERSION set by user to select BLE version returned by application, 5.3 by default
  • ID 131586 : redefinition of CFG_BLE_ADDRESS_TYPE configuration in BLE applications
  • ID 132481 : CFG_BLE_LS_SOURCE bit field added to select HSE/1024 wakeup Low speed clock configuration without calibration (using LS clock FREQ and Period characteristics)
  • ID 133755 : BLE stack uses Device ID to update hw_version information used by APIs as READ_LOCAL_VERSION_INFORMATION
  • ID 135824 : updated hw_version MSB value provided to BLE stack by Host BLE init to discriminate STM32WBx5 devices


  • ID 130531 : Wireless fw corrected to support OTA update for sizes corner case
  • ID 103612 : Scanning only on selected channels: Added new parameter to ACI_HAL_WRITE_CONFIG_DATA
  • ID 108072 : Possibility to trigger the NVM update: Added new command: ACI_GATT_STORE_DB
  • ID 116535 : Reduce GATT information size in NVM: Added new “options” flag at BLE stack initialization: BLE_OPTIONS_REDUCED_DB_IN_NVM
  • ID 128925 : Add the possibility to activate or not the blacklist mechanism: Added new parameter to ACI_HAL_WRITE_CONFIG_DATA
  • ID 130115 : Add information in ACI_HAL_END_OF_RADIO_ACTIVITY_EVENT and ACI_HAL_GET_LINK_STATUS for additional beacon synchro: Added slot numbers in ACI_HAL_END_OF_RADIO_ACTIVITY_EVENT; Added new 0x81 value for additional beacon in ACI_HAL_GET_LINK_STATUS
  • ID 130395 : LL_DDI_SCN_BV_71 Fail with Harmony due to extended scan privacy


  • Support BLEv5.3
  • ThreadX OS support

Thanks in advance,


Working on it. I have the files. I was able to acquire versions 1.14.0, its patch 1.14.1, and 1.15.0 of the STM32CubeWB radio firmware. Now, it’s just a matter of creating a custom firmware or hopefully another idea I am working on.


Hey - how are things going? Did you have any success? Thanks for sou work!


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Any update regarding this case?
Would be great to have all the new features of the new firmware.
Is the change possible without having to make changes on the flipper firmware or the update implies a refactor?

Bumping this thread - I am wondering about the radio stack as well.

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