USB cable problem


It looks like the USB cable provided with the Flipper Zero is not always working as expected. Meaning until now, it looks like the qFlipper only works when the original cable is connected to a USB2 port.

When I replace the “Flipper”-cable with the one from a Samsung phone, it works as expected across all type of USB ports (i.e. USB2 and USB3).

Does this ring any bells?
Any suggestion (other then buy a new USB cable)?

With warm regards - Will

The was a USB cable provided with the FZ? I cannot remember the cable that came with it but i usually use the one that came with my phone cause it is in reach most of the time. I do notice a lot of cables not being to fond of usb3 connections, , so far my favorite cable is the short white one that comes with the proxygrind tiny pro, usb c-c and plus a adapter to A classic, so cable length for fast transfers and less connectivity issues does seem to help but i cannot recall the included cable was conflicting with anything. I do have some older pc’s with early usb3 implementations that are very picky about cables, so maybe it is a combination of client/other devices.

So the c-to-c connections with like only a short cable in-between seems the most likeable, also for transferring data from phone2phone for example. Short usb c-to-c only cables do seem to perform a lot better and faster then cables being 1-2 feet long.

But the ones i use a lot from my phone also work fine for the flipper i have never noticed any cable issues, just from one to another phone, transferring a ton of data (200gb) the short ones actually make a diffrence and save you 15 minutes.

USB 3 ports can be noisy. This is the first time I heard of it possibly messing with a Flipper though.