Use FlipperZero as 300mhz dip switch remote?

Hi all,

I have multiple cheap 300mhz remotes of this type for the outdoor gates on my different buildings. Instead of carrying three or four of these remotes set to different DIP switch settings, is it possible to manually add the combos to FlipperZero using the known DIP switch sequence?

I’ve tested and it seems like there is no receiver/transmitter pairing; any remote of this type off the shelf will open my gates as long as the dip switch settings are correct.

It’s probably possible to copy the signals using the Flipper. Depending on your country due to legal reasons the Flipper might not be able to transmit the signals using the official firmware.

I have the exact same issue. I cannot find the right answer. I have a 12 dip switch garage remote. I googled that the remote is 433mhz. It won’t read it - done the same thing. No one seems to have the answer, and surely it’s ridiculously basic.