Use NFC for NFC-business cards


is it possible to ad functionality to use flipper as an NFC-business card?
It could be configurable from the app and store links to social media or something else.

Thank you for consideration.

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I don’t see why it can’t be used to simulate a nfc tag only question comes what type of tag would it simulate. And how much data are you looking to store in it. Ntag 213 or ntag215 would probably be do able I’m guessing but you’d have to ask someone who knew better. I have no clue if you could emulate ntag216

Does anyone have an NTag 21x that they can scan and share here?

How did you write it into the Flipper?

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If you modify the . nfc file with your info you can simply store that on your Flipper SD card or use the mobile app to upload it.

As mentioned, I initially used the iPhone app to create the records on the NFC card (for which you need a physical one) and then read and saved it with the Flipper.

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Has this process changed? I used the code from a vcard I created with the app, after paying $3 for the app, and saved it as contact.nfc, and flipper says it cannot parse file.
The output of NFC Tools doesn’t look like yours at all.

Disregard. You mentioned you need a physical NFC card first. I was using the values provided by the app, which don’t work.

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I was able to create a tag. I used “NFC Tools” on my android to write to a “blank tag” on my flipper. If you go to the “How to Create Myself” section of NFC Trolls github. there are instructions. Basically copy the “xEmpty_213.nfc” to you flipper. Make the tag in your “NFC Tools” app to point to the URL of your business card of coice (I used blinq). Then WRITE to the xEmpty_213 tag. It will create an .shd file. Just rename ("businessCard.nfc) and now you you can emulate the tag and other phones will read it.


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