Using a M5Stick C Plus ESP32-PICO-D4 through GPIO. Is it worth my time? Need input please

The title says most of it. I came across the device and it looks like it has potential to add a decent amount of functionality to the Flipper. I have always been on the software/coding side and just now starting to learn custom hardware but the GPIO on the M5Stick makes me think it could be a great combo with f0. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


That’s a great introduction to hardware. I have the M5 stamp and other ESP devices all over my home. My opinion is you would find plenty to do with it even if you didn’t interface it with the Flipper. I’m not sure how much extra functionality it could give you interfaced with the Flipper outside of WiFi however. I haven’t got around to Flipper hardware hacks yet. There is so much else to do with the Flipper I just haven’t had time.

I also try to get this Combo running…
Anyone else?

Depent on your needs; one could use other, smaller ESP-pico-D4 products like the Stamp-pico.

Since FZ is missing a ‘full open’ BlueTooth interface, this can be a good altenative.

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There is also the WiFi Nugget and USB Nugget if someone was looking for a more complete project. The WiFi nugget is aimed at WiFi hacking and the USB nugget is similar to the USB rubber ducky but both are cat themed with screens and buttons. Named after one of the creators cats(Nugget). They have GPIO pins for expansion as well.

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