Using Bad USB on a locked computer

is it possible to run a bad usb script on a locked computer/laptop ?
let’s say i am scripting actions e.g create a user , add a reg key … etc. that i want to run on a locked laptop
since it is locked ; bad usb will not be able to open “run” and type commands in it

am i right ? is there a workaround ?

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BadUSB on the Flipper can only do the things that a keyboard can do. I don’t know of any exploit other then brute force that could be accomplished with just a keyboard. Brute force is not an effective attack against the lock screen.

bummer … it there any workaround ?
or any ideas to be able to run a script on a locked computer …

You know the reason why in most company rules the employee has to lock the computer, when he leaves the place?
Maybe because nobody else should execute something on a unmonitored device.

The screen lock is against whatever your goal is.

But if you really want it, just find a 0day in the installed security or automation solution (malware scanner, auditing tool, autoplay, …), wait until this software is interacting with the flipper and run a exploit. Sounds easy.

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Not letting others access the computer is point of locking a computer. It wouldn’t be very useful if anyone could bypass it. I think most of the low hanging bugs have been fixed. There was a time I could do it with a CD or other bootable drive but I think we are long past that point. Use your inner Google and do some research.

yeah will have to rely and 0 day attacks or social engineering

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