Using keyboard

Trying to figure out how to use the keyboard for naming ir remote buttons etc. How do I get access to non alphanumerical symbols like ‘+’ and ‘-’ ? Figured out longpress for caps but there doen’t seem to be any documentation on this.

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I don’t think you can. I manually edit the names afterwards using a PC. There are a few ways to do it but if you are doing several it’s easiest to turn the Flipper off and remove the SD card. Then use a computer.

These symbols are not available on the Flipper Zero. I already complained about the demanded naming schema at GitHub - Lucaslhm/Flipper-IRDB: A collective of different IRs for the Flipper, that says:

Please use this naming scheme for buttons.



To be compliant, the files need to be edited afterwards.

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Maybe we can get long press to turn on shift or caps lock. That would give us enough symbols. Currently long press can make capitals and spaces. I think if a number is highlighted and we use long press a list of non alpha could come up. Maybe 2 and 8 would be a shortcut for + and - to resemble the numpad on a keyboard and anything else brings up the list? Seems like those are the most common non alpha characters we would want.