Vehicle Key Fob Signals

Hello everyone. I need a lot of Sub-GHz signals to unlock cars, so does anyone have a ton of files to send? (Make sure you name them so I can distinguish between them.) Thanks.

At first you need to know what you are asking for.

“I need keys for houses. Does anyone have a bunch of them, maned by door manufacturer, so I can distinguish them.”

Even if you would have the files from one vendor. Do you think it is one file per car?

Maybe you want to research what rolling code is, Ind try to understand how you will at best result desync many of keys/card at a parking lot.

Have fun at your research.

I’m talking about the RAW signals recorded from key fobs. This can be achieved by going to Sub-GHz, selecting Read RAW, and recording a key fob signal (the unlock one).

And I am talking about the nonsense, why I should give away my key code to anyone.
To collect such a DB you need a lot of volunteers.

Or you are going to a parking lot, scan every signal and write down the car … Oh, I almost forgot, those are not your cars, so please do us all a favour and don’t mess with things you don’t own.
It would be the same as going through public places and make photos from every key laying around.

Even if you say it is harmless, because the most you can do is desync the cars, this will led to ban of the Flipper in some countries.

But maybe I am not intelligent enough to see the reason why anyone should collect or have the data you are asking for. Feel free to enlighten me. I am always interested in supporting research.