WARNING : Using flipper in anti-robbery protected places :

When going to shopping malls, suppermarkets, shops with devices that detect if you are leaving with shop goods without paying be sure to TURN OFF flipper when entering the shop/place or at least if you don’t want to power it off make sure that all apps are closed and lock your flipper.

DO NOT emulate tags, do NOT use SubGhz even more if you are passing the barriers that scan for the goods or you risk for them to trigger by Flipper …

Just for reference I did some testing and on a major chain of Portuguese supermarkets if i go in/out with flipper with SubGhz turnned on Scanning with hopping on 868.35/433.92 for whatever reason the alarm that detects if you are moving away with products without paying do trigger even if you are entering the supermarket… Those are supposed to be UHF and should scann for tags that i don’t have with me but by whatever reason the fuction to READ of flipper do cause something that triggers those devices … doesn’t make much sense as Flipper shouldn’t be sending anything but it interfeer wuth those devices so to avoid trouble just turn your flippers off or lock them and all should be fine !

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much appreciated

Most anti-robbery should work using UHF and shouldn’t pose a issue with flipper but better safe then sorry …

Passive RF EAS systems pick up resonance emitted by the tags, which are basically LC oscillators designed to resonate at a specific frequency range.

Part of the SubGHz frontend on Flipper could be resonating at similar frequency range and it could trigger the detector when the radio is active. Flipper has an RF switch that cuts off the circuit to the frontend when the radio is powered off so that’s probably why you don’t see anything when Flipper is not scanning.

This should only be the case for RF-based EAS and not the magnetic nor other SubGHz/UHF-based ones.