Was wanting to get some ideas on automatic doors like at grocery stores, I deal with them on a daily basis and need to know if there's a way I could utilize my flipper to help my work

I intend to do no harm with my flipper, I clean windows and stripping/wax floors. But those damn automatic doors have been a nightmare for 27 years. I’ve had them spaz out, even turned off, They damned near crushed my arm. I’ve even talked to store managers about this and they’re cool with it. My perplexing question is what frequency do automatic doors work on? And would there be a way for the flipper to interact?

My message is stuck in moderation as usual. Short answer: Maybe for handicap doors.

First let me say I did window cleaning and I know exactly what you’re talking about. They can be shut off but some have very strange controls and they don’t always do what you expect.

The Flipper isn’t going to be a good tool for that in most cases(see exception below). There are quite a few different versions. The bulk are PIR sensors and others are radar sensors. There is a chance the Flipper could send a semi continuous signal to keep some doors open but I suspect it would be extremely unreliable. The Flipper would need to be close to the sensor and I’m not sure the output is sufficient. The door could re-calibrate and close without warning. I bet a blinking incandescent light bulb near the sensor would do a better job keeping the door open.

As for keeping a door closed the Flipper would be less capable of doing that. Covering the sensor would be more likely to work.

Handicap door operation:
There may be a few sliding doors out there that have an option to use a remote but I haven’t seen any in day to day use accept for handicapped enable doors. The Flipper can control some of those.