Weak Bluetooth

Hello boys and girls!

I noticed that the bluetooth on my Flipper is very weak. For example, I can’t turn on bluetooth, put Flipper in my backpack and connect from my phone. However, I successfully connect if the phone and Flipper are on the table. I also noticed that the BT Spam attack, with a stated range of 30 meters, works no more than 10 meters from the target device.

Tell me, is it like this for everyone or am I such a lucky guy? Are there any solutions to boost bluetooth signal?

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I notice a lot of difference depending on where I am, at home, in a dense populated area, I am lucky if I get 15 meters of ranger, but when the 2,4ghz band is less occupied my range becomes a lot higher so i think it also has to do a lot with other 2,4ghz band that is still available, at home my remote range is 10m and even my Bluetooth headset works only short range, but in the office at work its almost the other side of the building 40m further.

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@Sir_Fap_A_Lot Hmm… thanks a lot. I’ll pay attention to this.