Weather Station frequency

I was playing around with the Weather Station app this morning and ran into the limitation of the frequency minimum being 300.00 no matter which Modulation I choose. The NWR station closest to me is 162.525 so I’m not sure how to get this working.

@SkorP, any ideas?

In the folder subghz\assets\ you should finde a file, named like setting_user

See: flipperzero-firmware/setting_user.example at dev · flipperdevices/flipperzero-firmware · GitHub

The lines with “Frequency:” at the beginning should provide the frequencies, you can choose in your app(s). At least for official apps.
Just add your desired frequency here. But keep in mind more is not better.

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I don’t know if the weather station app does that type of weather station. That looks like a voice station. IIRC you only get data from them when there is an alert using the SAME system. I believe the app is intended for the home weather stations which it does fairly well for me. Please let me know if you get that working with the NOAA station though. TIP: Figure out when they do their tests. It will be weekly or monthly at approximately the same day and time. Test broadcasts send data along with actual emergency alerts.

Hardware limitation of flipper. You can’t go lower than 300 Mhz with official firmware and even if you mess things up badly risking killing flipper you can’t go lower than 281 so 162.x is out of question with the flipper chip.

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I’m new to this, but I imagine that the Weather Station app is referring to weather stations (thermometer, hygrometer, rain gauge), not NOAA Weather Radio. That is an FM radio signal that would probably be best set for a radio scanner.

Use the default. It is the default for a reason. At least the weather station if the developer works at this frequency?

Else take a look at the datasheet of your weather station. If you don’t know: Search for datasheets of common devices, maybe top 10 from Amazon, and compare the data sheets.

Even after this effort, nobody can guarantee a signal near you.

Edit: okay, the default could be the flipper default, without any connection to the specific app …
You could watch the frequency analyzer for a frequent signal. Than set the Weather Station app to this frequency.

I have a couple different brands I have tested. Acurite uses 433 MHz in North America but the Ecowitt brand uses a 915MHz. The Flipper weather app doesn’t appear to work with Ecowitt. Always best to start at 433MHz in NA in my experience because it’s the most common. In my tests the displays that come with weather stations get a lot better range then the Flipper. The usual reporting time is 1 minute intervals.
Ecowitt: US/CA is 915 MHz ; The European 868 MHz;The Australia 433 MHz
Acurite: 433 MHz in NA.

I’ve got some results in northern Germany with 433.92 AM … But never got a hit below the Elbe (river through Hamburg).

868 is more for doorbells and home alarm systems.
But this is only my limited experience.

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I have no idea why Ecowitt chose not to use 433 MHz outside Australia but Ecowitt has been more dependable then Acurite in my experience. Ecowitt uses hardware switches to set device identifiers. Accurite sets the model and a random string as the device identifier. It changes every time I change the battery and sometimes seemingly at random.