What Are The Specs of the RTC of Flipper Zero?


I looked at the hardware specs and couldn’t find anything on the RTC which I presume the Flipper Zero has for time-sensitive applications. Could anyone please link to it?

Also; does anyone know of an external compatible and reasonably low-drift RTC module for it?

I believe Flipper’s RTC is a built-in module in MCU, so look over its docs.
Drifts in 5 seconds per week magnitude when kept on its own. Note that normally, time is synced on every connection to PC or phone.

Does it sync time when connected to my smartphone through the app? I have an iPhone.

Best source I found is Idea sharing : Flipper internal clock sync via lab.flipper.net, app, or setting - #8 by slipn3r

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Thanks for the info! Will be useful once mine actually arrives.