What blank key models can be written with Flipper?

Spent hours searching, but found only mention of RW1990.
Can I write on TM2004, TM-01x, TM-08V2, RW2007, RW2017?
Is there a complete list of supported blank keys?
Do I understand correctly that blank keys that require high voltage for writing, such as RW2000, are not written by Flipper?

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You can find the list in source code:

   // currently we can write:
   // RW1990_1, TM08v2, TM08vi-2 by write_1990_1()
   // RW1990_2 by write_1990_2()
   // RW2004, RW2004, TM2004 with EEPROM by write_TM2004();

Additionally, there is incomplete disabled support for TM01 and someone has notes on writing Cyfral.

For high voltages, my understanding is the same: no good way for Flipper to get and control >5V. Unless you have an external module with power supply and some transistors, at which point it may be easier to make it separate altogether.

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If you are looking for blanks to write Dallas :

For cyfral/metakon you have to re-encode for Dalas format.

If your reader/lock/controller does accept a master like 01 FF FF FF … just use that to place the lock in programming mode and instead of writing a copy of an existing key to a new rw just programm ANY new read only key on your lock/system…

Where I live the challenge is finding anything ibutton related. I bought some off eBay randomly to test and they worked fine. I wrote a “master” to keep on my special key chain in case I find someplace willing to let me test. I wonder if anyone has tested it yet.

Hi there.
I did test it.
For me and where i live (Portugal) thyssenkrupp elevators use DMG (italian) fixture for some “cheap” installations and they have IButtonj option for “keys” for either locked floors and special services like independent mode.


On those DMG “locks” you set by a jumper the programming mode where you set 2 random keys as “master” and then you use those masters to programm the random user keys that operate the lock … whet i did figure out is that when you programm at least one “master” to set the lock then those devices do accept 01 FF FF FF FF FF FF 2F AS “MASTER” AS WELL (WHITHOUT JUMPER SETTING) SO WORKS AS A BACKDOOR THT ALLOWS TO PROGRAMM NEW RANDOM USER KEYS.

Working on ALL DMG locks that i did find on several different installations/buildings.

Apart from those lifts i was not able to fing intercoms/locks using those ibuttons on Portugal/Lisbon.

There are 1-wire ibuttons used by security as checkpoints that are used for security guards and also temperature sensors using 1-wire but locks itself where it would make sense to use a “master” key/code i was only able to find those lift locks in the area where i live.

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Very interesting. I remember seeing something I now believe was an ibutton in an elevator but that was long before the Flipper was available to me. RFID seems to be the preferred system here in the US.

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For elevators on US FEOK1 is a must but that is another story (not flipper related) :


If I remember correctly there are 2 of those a clockwise cut and counterclockwise cut. I don’t remember if both are in use but I know both are sold. Something to watch out for.

Yes, I have both. This is my collection : - The HDD Oracle. • View topic - Spildit's Utility/Special Service Keys :

Some of my elevator/lifs “adventures” -


And this one is also mine (elevators of Metro station in Portugal) - http://elevadorespublicos.blogspot.com/ (this one is written in my native language - Portuguese) .

Just for information as it’s not 1-wire related :slight_smile: