What do you use the bad usb for?

Im an ethical hacker i pretty much use flipper zero to download my files, and my pip modules on any windows / linux machine. Im working on it now to the point any machine i touch can be configured with the flipper zero to work as a pentesting machine for clients.

My first BadUSB try was something for the flipper itself: U2F - Not working - #13 by LupusE

I am using it mostly for automation tasks, but open BadUSB, search script, press play … Most times I am faster manual.

Good question. I found that smart TVs respond well to keyboards and there are many keyboard shortcut commands. I used Bad USB to do a RickRoll on my Fire TV. I think I can do a better one on the Roku TV because the USB port does not power on until the TV does. In theory the Flipper could wait in the background till the TV is turned on and surprise the user. :rofl:

So far as practical applications I’m in the same place as you. The Flipper can be good to do automated setup. I think I might be able to do a script for a quick shutdown of my NAS as well. I would love to see remote BadUSB made possible with the Flipper.

Kiosk mode bruteforce to get access to OS/Command Line/Whatever on machines displaying only the main application and locked as kiosk mode.

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At work I set up scripts to run Windows Autopilot enrollment and another to run Windows updates from the OOBE area on a computer that is fresh out of the box and not signed into yet.

Nothing else yet, but I am on the lookout for other useful automations to do with it.

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I’ve recently set up a super simple script to hold down the “craft” button so that Arthur Morgan can make hundreds of split point bullets without me having to hold down the A button forever in Red Dead Redemption 2.