What kind of card is this one?

I have a card that uses to open a car gate. I think it is some kinds of IR activated subGHZ remote, but it doesn’t appear to have any buttons on it.

The card says it is an “RFID smart cards” but I don’t think it’s RFID because it can be used in about 20-40 meters range.

I found the specification for this card on the internet.

Working Frequency : 433 MHZ
Infrared Frequency : 38KHZ
Reading Distance : 1-20 meters maximum distance
Response Time 0.1 seconds
Reading Speed : 0.5 seconds
Reading Time Interval 0.5-0.8 seconds
Protocol: ISO 18000-6C
Working Mode: read-write in real time (with CDMA module)
Interface: Wiegand 26/34

Do you guys have any ideas how to clone the card or copy it into the flipper?

Thanks a lot!

TL;DR I’m not sure who talks first and on what media.

Start recording IR near reader (likely you’ll need ir rx raw in CLI, but Infrared > Learn new remote may suffice) both with and without card. If you do record something with card but not without, it’s a card sending IR - try replaying it to the reader. If you read without card, replay it to card (a) if possible, poking it with oscilloscope; (b) near reader, shielding it from direct contact (e.g. in an opaque box), see if the door opens.
Record SubGHz near reader on different modulations and frequencies around 433 (there are multiple), both with and without card. Frequency analyzer may help here. If anything is decoded, replay. If not, try again with Read RAW.

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