What kind of IR remote? Getting "Unknown" and "Multiple Samples"

Hi All,

The picture shows my apartment complex’s remote. I think it is a IR remote. I am getting Unknown and multiple samples when using the Learn New Remote under the Infrared option. The number of samples vary every time. I am trying to duplicate the remote. Thanks!

The variation in number of samples could mean a wrong frequency. If the Flipper listens at 38 KHz (fixed, limited by hardware) and the sender sends at for example 57 KHz, you can see something, but mostly garbage.
But maybe the samples are make sense. The Flipper is specialized for CIR (Consumer IR), used by remotes for TV, and Home Entertainment.

If you get something useable from your remote, I assume it is something Wiegand, maybe with rolling code. Easy to test: push the button too often outside the operating range and the remote should be desynced and stop to work.

Does the part labeled D3 blink a light visible to the naked eye? If not that remote looks like it supports two way communication.

You can verify it’s sending out IR by pointing a camera at the remote and looking for it to blink. Your eyes can’t see the the IR transmitter blinking IR but the camera can. I see no indication of it being radio based though.

@LupusE In the bottom right corner it looks like a reed switch. Any idea what that would be for? I suppose it might be used to put it into programming mode but that sounds odd.

It looks like the center/larger bulb emits the infrared light. Now the strange part is when I cover the center/larger bulb, the flipper actually captures a signal. The flipper does not capture a signal if I cover the smaller/off center bulb to the side…

I don’t believe the smaller off center part is a bulb or LED. It’s the IR receiver for programming the remote. They usually look like an LED but they are darker.

The part labeled D3 is the smaller off center bulb, it is indeed darker and does emit the light when looking through my phone camera. The center larger clear bulb emits the light. However, the flipper seems to get the signal from the part labeled D3, the smaller off center darker bulb…