What’s up with the Warranty not being honoured??

I purchased a flipper zero on Amazon and it was great, got it quickly.

The problem is it stopped working and the help from flipper zero support had me open the device and check the battery connection, unplug and plug back in.

No problem, I can do that but a bit surprised by this.

This did not have any affect. Still a dead device no power no life.

I should have mentioned earlier I had contacted the seller on Amazon and was told to contact the manufacturer as you would. Just like any other store would tell you it is manufacturer warranty contact them.

So I get a response telling me to contact the seller on Amazon and they will not honour the warranty because I purchased it from a reseller. Oh and we are closing the support ticket ! What!!!???

Of course I wrote back but no response.

What kind of business is this that treats its customers like this.

What can I do now?

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They never sold Flippers on Amazon. That’s the chance you take when buying from a scalper. The Flipper you bought may have been a defective Flipper that they already refunded. They have no way to know where it came from.

Try getting a refund through Amazon or your credit card company.

I have been waiting for them to SHIP MY replacement for 8 weeks

I cannot get any response

I have created 3 tickets because “Sergio” replied to my request for an eta with nothing but a GOD DAMN SMILE FACE ALMOST A WEEK LATER

I’m only going to have 1 more months to file a dispute, so I’m going to do so this week