What's the reddish light mean?


The docs tell me what green, blue, and yellow mean, but when I try to read a card the light flashes red/blue (predominantly red, but the frequency makes it appear slightly purple-ish).

What does this mean?

Thanks. Apologies if this question has been asked, I am but a humble noob and could not find it with the search function.

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Mine appears to flash blue while reading. Which firmware are you using?

Do you keep Flipper USB-plugged during reading?
In that case it may blink blue for reading while having red on in background, plausibly leading to the effect described.

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I just tried that and I still don’t get red while reading.

So it was on USB, and the effect has gone away since I unplugged and tried. Good call @maqumih and thank you.

Am on firmware 0.88.0. This is the second thing I tried with my shiny new device after unboxing and updating via usb (the first thing worked great!)

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