When will be able to order a Flipper in the USA

On the Joom, it says “No Delivery to the United States.” I was wondering when we will be able to order a Flipper in the USA.



Been lots of inquiries about shipping/availability to the US over the last few weeks. Can anyone internally give us an ETA on availability please? Lots of ongoing scams trying to buy third party. Not to mention prices have soared to $800+ per unit. Really interested in collabing some projects. Any official update would be greatly appreciated!


After some time on Reddit found a little update?

2 days ago: astrrra (Comms Manager) for the flipper project says “…supply issues… in the US… will be resolved soon… dropping the price back down…”

Still vague, but I am hopeful!


Same, wondering when usa problems will be fixed

Gov man bad, plox update? So long and thanks for all the fish!

Has there been any update this week? Hopefully they come in the coming weeks!

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Still waitinggg for update… patientlyyyy

Would love to be able to order to the US!

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there’s a lot of uncertainty around the current price, ranging from $1200 (ebay buy it now) to 350 on stock

getting any kind of official confirmation would be very helpful in establishing an efficient market price

Mine from Lab401 from France to Portugal (inside Shengan space) ended up costing less than $200 already with most expensive shipping option (express) and extra insurance. I did buy just the flipper (didn’t get the SD card and the dev boards or screen protectors).

It’s back in stock for shipping to the US from the flipper store