Where can you get spare parts?

I’ve cracked the white frame and I’ve scratched the screen. I was wondering if flipper devices inc. sells spare parts or if I have to just buy broken ones of eBay or something.

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This was asked a few times. Replacement parts are something they want to provide at some point.

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Is there any news about spare parts avalibility? My screen is badly broken after device fall down and I’m looking for spare part. It seams that is not avalible else where, but flipper customer support is not answering.
Really appreciate help in this matter.


IIRC the screen is custom and not available from any other source. I have not heard any updates on the sale of spare parts. What I can tell you is that Flipper can’t keep up with demand. It’s unlikely we will see spare parts until they can meet demand for Flippers. You could follow @Flipperlocator on Twitter or Mastodon. I’m sure he will let us know when spare parts become available. Alternately check out the official Flipper Discord. That’s where news trickles down from usually.