Where is my order?

Not a technical problem: I have ordered a Flipper Zero, but it does not seem to arrive. It should’ve been sent with YunExpress, but no-one can tell me where my parcel is.
Anyone know how I can get into on my parcel?

It appears you are in a different part of the world from me but mine took a couple weeks to arrive.

Cool, thanks.
Just like when I ordered a WHID Cactus from April Brothers in China :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I got the device today. :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Welcome to Club Flipper! Check out this post. I try to add cool new things here.

Thank you! I will definitely check out the link!
As for now, I am stuck on updating the WiFi Marauder Board Firmware, since my computer says, it could not sync to ESP. Whatever tool I am trying!

First when this issue has been resolved, I will explore the possibilities :slight_smile:

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Same here, waiting for 6 weeks, seems exceptionally long. .Orders from China arrive twice as fast :frowning:

finaly arrived ?

Na, it is still with an open ticket. I think they acknowledged (from Flipper) that the shipment was lost, but they need some internal approval or something.

Mine arrived. And I love my Flipper Zero :slight_smile:

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I too have not received my order updates stopped on the 7th but it was shipped according to the tracking number on the 3rd USPS States they’ve never received a package and all updates were automated flipper has reached out to me one time to say it might be lost and to have me reconfirm my address I have not heard from them since I sent that

How many days long to arrive and in what country :smiley: ? and you have issue with no updates on tracking ?

just Awaiting Dispatch by Warehouse. Your order is being processed at the warehouse. and no more updates from 21th.

I am impatient to attach sim808 board compatible with flipperzero.

Belgium, updates stopped (YunExpress DHL), last update on Nov 28, 2023 02:45 PM

The reply from Flipper is slow in any case:

  • 6 weeks ago, I opened a ticket that the shipment seemed lost
  • 20 days ago, a message to re-confirm my address
  • 8 days ago, they inform me that the claim filed against my order is under review, waiting for approval
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It’s been a couple days since I’ve had the request to reconfirm my address there is no way I am waiting 20 days for another communication I think I will follow up with the USPS fraud waste and abuse department email that I received they are very interested in the fact that no package was ever received yet tracking status updates were reported

Got a message just now that my claim is approved; they’ll update me when they send a replacement.

After like 20 days.?

About 45 days after my initial report that I had not received the shipment 14 days after the last status update. That would make it 60 days after it was shipped.

That is almost three times the amount of time it takes to file the claim through USPS which is where my problems lie so what you’re telling me is it’s quicker to have the USPS launching investigation that it is to wait for flipper to decide if they’re even going to do anything I’m not waiting 70 days for somebody to make a decision, also that is pushing the time limit for credit card chargebacks so I think I’ll just be initializing the investigation in the charge back instead of waiting for flipper to decide something it’s already been nearly 30 days

FYI, (replacement) order arrived after 3 months.

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Congrats! And have fun with your FZ.
Feel free to ask if you need help