Coolest ways to use flipper zero day 1-30

What’re the coolest, whacky ways to use a Flipper Zero from day 1-30? Either some way you’ve used the device or something you heard about.

Total noob (nerd in the software development space)


Rule of thumb : - NEVER EVER use flipper to prank/play with someone in a way that you wouldn’t like for someone to do it to you as well. EXAMPLE - Use flipper sub brute force file or sequency to open random 3rd party garage door / car whatever and leave away lefting the door open, etc … NOT cool and you will get intro trouble.

With that in mind there are cooler things to do in the “prank” domain or in the general life way … You can for example to use your flipper to offer a service to copy cards/tokens of your friends for a small fee/price and that is cool, for example insetad of charging $20 for a copy of IoProx that all people are using on my work facility you can offer to copy the cards to fobs for $4 or $5 and get some $$$ as long as you stay on the law side, like doing just the same your “clients” would get from any house that offer key copy services and make sure that you only copy the card of the owner to the fob to provide to the owner nd not copy someone else card to a 3rd person.

As for pranks the ones that i like the most are doorbell pranks BUT with moderation. I’m not talking about using flipper to keep on triggering your neighbour doorbell over the night, i’m talking about something like to be with your friends/co-workers on a place that have wirelless doorbells and ring the ones from inside the room where you are with your friends and see their reaction even more if it’s clearly visible that no-one is pressing the push button of the bell. My favourite is this - Friedland Libra+ 48249SL wireless doorbell - request : - #20 by Spildit - you can create a PIR-Detection file and doorbell will ring with a sound that can’t even be programmed on the doorbell so all people nearby will be thinking about what is going on. You can make a file that will ring ALL bells of the same model at the same time if you are in range, etc … playing with bells is in general not harmfull unless you do that over the nigh or to someone old that have problems to go to the door, etc … again, use with good faith.

Other cool stuff that i could do with flipper but no so funny and illegal if you don’t have permission is exploit security flaws on stuff that all people assume to be secure.

Example o a VERY BIG facility of the PT gov they do have lifts that use Dallas Ibutton keys for independent service and fire service, now with flipper you can simply use a Dallas master key to insert on the system ANY key that you want and ERASE all keys on the system, Meaning the MASTER dallas (FF) key will simply erase all valid keys and allow you to set your key as the only one that operates independent/fire service. Now you can lock the lift and only you will be able to use it because the keys of the sucurity people will no longer work (will be deleted from the lock and will no longer operate the lock). While it might be cool if you don’t have permission to do this it’s BAD. Lifts in general don’t have security at all but even so it’s BAD so never do this without permission.

BAD USB scripts might be a "cool thing to prank someone but computer stuff is very freqent now so not very original.

Messing up with security guards is another idea if you don’tbother to get punched in the face when they figure out that you are messing with them, those guys that are near a door with a remote and see if you are authorized to be on the facility or not, if you are they open you the door with the remote, now you get nearby and jam the frequency of the remote with flipper by using the same frequency and protocol that the security remote does but transmitting a code that will NOT open the door … the guy will have trouble oppening the door … jamming is illegal in most countries and you will go to JAIL. Penalty for jamming on my country is jail time. Other “cool” thing is to jamm a frequency of a car remote when your friend/family try to open the car to ride it … WARNING on rolling code systems you might de-sync the original remote.

Jamming tobbaco machines on coffee shops so that teller ca’t unlock the machinewith the remote and people can no longer buy tobbacco from the machine will bet you in jail as well but it might be considered “cool” and life saving to prevent people from dying from cancer. Changing TV channels is laso “cool” in a prank way in particular on a cofee full of people watching important/big football match and you change the channel to kids cartoons or porno channel and start sending IR for a remote of another brand to jamm the IR in a way that coffee owner can’t change channel back …

Other ideas that will get you in jail … messing with fans/lights og neighbours that ork by RF by capturing and replaying signals, etc… Then you have the traditiona Tesla prank, etc … as long as all people is not offended at the end in a “prank” level it’s “cool” but again never do stuff that you don’t want for people to do to you.

As a research level getiing data from many devices like sensors and even radio transmission from all sort of devices including telemetry from sensors is fascinating, also figuring out exploits on stuff by trying codes like 0000 and FFFF on RFID keys, wireless keys and SubGhz to see if you can xploita system is also “cool” as you learn something new BUT you need to have permission from the owners of the devices to do this.

Stay on the law. As long as you learn and have fun and don’t cause harm to anyone else it should be “cool”.

For me i like to attempt to figure out new devices to interact with using flipper like for example a new doorbell model or a new fan or type of card and then try to figure out if some combinations of codes do trigger a response on the system, etc … and as a bonus I can duplicate fobs for friends and for myself or emulate several cards and credentials and have all of that on the same device instead of carry with me several different badges/keys remores.


too much words @Spildit


Should be enough to read for 1 to 30 days.


@Spildit This is awesome!!! Of course, I will also never, ever, ever, ever use the device in devious or forbidden ways.


After the very detailed reply from spildit, I wasn’t sure to answer. Bit as the question was for experience, I want to answer a little less educational, but I fully agree with all written above.

I wasn’t sure what to do with my flipper, because it was a gift. The very nice person thought I’ll find something useful to do.
First, I was overwhelmed about all the features. I’ve brought a good set of basic knowledge, but nothing in depth.

I started with IR.
First there is a very interesting blogpost on the Flipper site, regarding Infrared Remotes and second there are enough in reach.
There I a project, that visualised logfiles, so I learned much more about the protocols, than to know ‘there are differences’.

Next step are pet tags. Animal tag “Bayer Animal Coder” issue
Very interesting to research. And most owners I’ve met, are weary curious about how the tag works.

Than there is the Thing with Tesla.
I really really want to test it, but all Tesla owners I know living half across the country. So I need to wait, to test. Never without permission.

In my whole research, I try to remember the sentence from Backtrack Linux: “The quieter you are, the more you are able to hear”…
There is a lot to listen and understand. And even if my Flipper is scanning SubGHz roundabout 1h a day, I couldn’t find a frequency to deeper investigate, right now.
At the beginning I worked at a Hearing Aid Acoustician and scanned some 868MHz home signal devices. But now I’m in another job and have no access anymore. Not quick enough in understanding.
I would never play a signal I have not understood, except in a very known test environment.



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Also if you run out of ideas you can download some remotes from here (IR) and you will have an idea of how many devices you can interact with using flipper just using IR :

Then do the same for Sub-Ghz :

Then start looking arround wherever you go and think “what devices are here that i can interact with using flipper.” … you get the idea …


There is always something more exciting about doing the illegal things. But don’t do illegal things obviously, just makes me think how many people purchased the device to seek this illegal thrift haha

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Flipper apps and games for official firmware.

Finding secret IR codes on devices. AKA: My first project.

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IOS(Apple) Bluetooth spam is my new favorite Flipper prank/app. There is an app for all current versions of the Firmware I believe. It doesn’t cause any damage. it simply annoys people by popping up a message on their Apple device.

Flipper Zero Bluetooth spam

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I recommend not doing this much around iPhone users, it can shutdown their phones for a few minutes.

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I posted that before it was capable of shutting down Iphones. At that time it was a fun prank to mess with friends. Afterward they added the feature that could shut them down. I would definitely only recommend using this in a controlled setting and not around medical devices out of an abundance of caution. Apple has addressed the bigger issue of locking phones but it’s fair to say “use with caution”. There is also a tool for tracking Flippers using this app now.