Why is it so expensive

my mom doesn’t want me to buy it because it’s too expensive:(

Maybe it’s better for you not to get one then…

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It’s really quite inexpensive for such a specialty device in such a compact form-factor.


If you think about crappy China icopy3/5 selling for $300 or more and that it can only do 1 type of RFID and 1 type of NFC then “expensive” is relative…

Sure for a kid wanting to play some tricks might look like expensive, the same if you are buying from “scammers” or people using the fact that is hard to get a flipper for $1000 …

If you think of it as a professional testing tool to check problems with access controll systems to be used in a professional way $200 is very cheap even more when compared for example with a $6000 pandora, etc … price is relative and NO, flipper shouldn’t be used as a toy.

For Original poster, go buy a PlayStation instead !

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