Wifi board

Is it possible to hack a wifi card from a laptop.to use with the flipper

If the WiFi card works with 3,3V (or 5V), a little rewiring is needed.
Than you take the driver and port it from x64 (or sometimes ARM) architecture to the 32bit CPU of the Flipper.
But remember that a lot of drivers provides the firmware at loading… Take al look at the iwl driver from Linux, to get a feeling for this project.

I would say it is not impossible, bit a huge load of work. It should be easier to use something like an ESP as WiFi Extension.

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If you have a laptop, you can use it as whole an without Flipper; topics to Google include airodump-ng / aircrack-ng, bully, wifite, Kali Linux.

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@Larry_Bullock best answer: all things are possible. Flipper is just a microcontroller, so you could program it to “hack” a wifi card from a laptop using any currently available “hacks” or exploits. The same way it’s programed to do anything else. The best solution is to know what your end goals are, clearly communicate them, then you can get a better solution to your end goals, because no one actually knows what you are asking (though people answered without actually asking for clarification as they should have).

If you just wish to ‘commandeer’ the wifi card of a laptop to use on the flipper with other apps (like wifi marauder) it is possible, but for you it will be a very big curve and huge investment of your time to learn the skills necessary to pull this off. The better option is what @maqumih hinted on. But in reality, using a properly configured laptop is always better than flipper and makes a flipper obsolete in all ways. So if your goal is a better wifi card than what a flipper can support (wifi dev board, 3rd party GPIO modules) then yes, a laptop with an external wifi device would be better and much faster than trying to hack a limited flipper device to do the same. If your goal is even more portable wifi hacking, I would suggest Kali Nethunter build on a tested android phone, as it will look like you’re just on your phone: everyone knows flipper looks like so its hard to hide, and there’s apps that easily detect flipper and pwnagotchi devices wirelessly, given their easy identifiability. You’ll also get a million more ‘hack’ tools than flipper. (PS I’m actually working on a ‘Defense Against the Dark Arts’ app and/or device that immoolizes/straight up bricks flippers, pwnagotchi’s, and other devices… since flipper uses C code for most of its development this is very easy to do, as C is good to use when you want memory leaks and buffer overflows).

Long time ago like back in the 1990’s-2000’s we used what was called a ‘Cantenna’ which was a giant pringles can to pickup wifi signals for miles. We used pcmcia cards and ran softare like Ethereal (you call it wireshark today), Aircrack suite (was around then) on distros like WHAX/Auditor… I’m dating myself… been a hacker since the 80/90’s when it was fun. Now I’m a salaried IT Systems Admin and security professional for Enterprise business.