Wifi dev board connection

I am trying to connect the wifi dev board to flash it. When I press reset, the led cycles through blue green and then red.

From all the directions, to connect the module to my computer (Win11), I need to press the boot button for 3 seconds and then connect the USB before I release. I tried this and when I connect the USB to the wifi, I don’t see any ports in Arduino IDE. When I connect to the FZ, I only get one port (directions say I should have 2). I’ve tried this with the wifi disconnected from the FZ, pressing and releasing the boot button with the USB connected,

If I try to connect by having the dev board act as a AP, I press the button for 3 seconds, but I never get the flashing LED as shown at the bottom of First start - Flipper Zero — Documentation. I’m guessing this part won’t work until I get the firmware uploaded.

Can anyone provide advice or do I possibly have a defective dev board?

Im having exactly the same issue, somewhat of a beginner so im completely stumped. Ive tried flashing and reflashing but it stays the same. On my end i had gotten marauder to start working, then when i tried. Asecond time this issue started.

That’s normal, I’ve had the same experience but marauder works fine on my end. Even with the led cycle


I have a similar problem to the above. I’m on the second Dev Board which has been successfully flashed and I cannot seem to get it to work with my Flipper Zero. When I plug in the Dev Board, I cannot see anything like Marauder, I just get the what’s in the image below.

I am new to Flipper Zero and any help would be appreciated.

So I have a similar issue. I’m using a USB C controller for the devboard connection, and I’m able to see the devboard before I put it into bootloader mode, and I am able to see the new USB serial device (I set it to several different com ports, the screenshot shows it on 1) after I put it into bootloader mode, but the flash software is not able to see it.
Is there a command option to specify a com port?
Note that the ESP32-S2 does NOT have drivers installed. I am assuming this is the USB to serial converter built into the devboard?

Check out this video. This is what I followed and was easily able to Flash my Wifi board and run Marauder and Evil Portal. Make sure you have updated the Official firmware, then you can install any other firmware you want. https://youtu.be/nKcwJodcOTA?si=PDkwmosDo4aNKraF

You need to be using the qFlipper app or the web interface. Again, follow this video https://youtu.be/nKcwJodcOTA?si=PDkwmosDo4aNKraF