WiFi Marauder companion's scripts examples

WiFi Marauder app supports some kind of scripts.
From app’s changelog:
" Scripts are here! Thanks to @tcpassos (yes, the same one that brought PCAPs to the flipper sd card), you can now add, edit, remove, and run automation stages from the Scripts menu in the app. The scripts are saved in the “apps_data/marauder/scripts” folder as JSON files."

I wonder where could one find the documentation or examples of the scripts?

This forum is for official firmware. I would look for someplace with more experience on the subject. Go check out Talking Sasquatches Discord. They could probably help.

Thank you.
WiFi Marauder is available from official android app though.
Hub => Apps => GPIO => [ESP32] WiFi Marauder

It’s a rare topic here and I’ve never seen scripts mentions until you posted. We’re usually concentrated on core topics, getting people started, and improving the core Flipper features.

In case somebody needs it…
The script syntax is stored in the app’s sources, in wifi_marauder_script.h file

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