Wireless firmware update

The flipper zero shop says the devboard can do wireless firmware updates, but i cant find how to do this anywhere. Wireless firmware updates sound cool I wanna know how to do this

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I don’t own the DevBoard, bit from the docs (see here: Get started with the Dev Board - Flipper Zero - Documentation) I can read:

Open the Terminal in the flipperzero-firmware directory that you cloned earlier and run the following command:

./fbt flash

This will upload the firmware you’ve just built to your Flipper Zero via the Developer Board.

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that worked, but i have another problem.
When i connect to blackmagic and go to it just says no internet and never loads

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There is a good chance your device decided to switch WiFi networks because it couldn’t ping the internet. You must make sure your phone stays connect to blackmagic or you can’t load .

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I’m on a laptop, and it’s staying on blackmagic the whole time

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If that doesn’t work do the following.
Hold down the Window key and hit r.
Type cmd then hit enter
In the black wind type ipconfig the hit enter.

See what the default gateway is. If it’s anything other then ley us know. If you see default gateway listed twice let us know.

You can’t be connected to both the internet and blackmagic or that could cause an issue.

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The link didnt work, and cmd says “blocked by adminisrator” and closes when i hit any key.

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it also doesnt work on my friends phone

When you try to do it on a phone it’s best to turn the phones cellular data off. Otherwise some phones try to use the wrong gateway to pass traffic.

That could be because you don’t have high enough privileges. Here is an alternate method. Your IP address should look something like http://192.168.4.x with x being a number between 2 and 254.
Find your IP address in Windows - Microsoft Support

my friend only has wifi, no data
the IPv4 says in the advanced network settings

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Then the network settings are correct. Maybe you need to reflash the firmware for the add on board.

Should be easy to update the firmware. Give internet access to the computer by wifi, connect the device, access the ip and config or hit a firmware update button.

If you make accessible to the internet by forwarding the port on your router for the device, i can have a look and possibly develop software based on user interface.

Pm me.

That’s not a great idea. There is no security to stop anyone from accessing it if it’s exposed to the internet that way.

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1 - Send in the ip on pm.
2 - Open the port just for this test for about 10 minutes or less.
3 - Use remote software with 1 time access (not recommend this method)
4 - Etc…

I’ve tried that many times, it doesn’t work