With All the SD card issues, Flipper Should Provide the Card

I am just getting started and am calling BS on “oh that’s a bad card” that seems to be the answer to everything. I have new flipper out of the box, and after five cards- all new, brand name, and all work in camera, drone, and android tablet (8 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB), Flipper mounts and sees each. Flipper formats each. From Mobile app, Android and iOS, it’s reported that card isn’t there even though Flipper itself sees them after attempting firmware upgrade. Then it reports full or broken internal memory… so factory reset and start over. And over, and over.

It ain’t the SD cards, kids.

Will continue with all of the various “recovery” docs trying to get this thing to work but I have decades of experience following directions and writing files etc. There is something problematic here beyond SD cards.


Replying to myself- my advice is absolutely just skip the mobile app for upgrading out of the box. It will take you down a rabbit hole of frustration and foolishness around the SD card. Go right to qFlipper on the PC and do the upgrade, which seems foolproof.

The same cards that are not recognized by the mobile app are fine in qFlipper.

The “broken or full internal memory” reported by the mobile app (that the isn’t broken or full at all) is fine in qFlipper.

I’m here to say the mobile app is a problem that leaves a bad taste when just starting with Flipper- skip it.

You got a bad one, buddy.

I’ve got two and have had no issues with the flipper, the cards, the software, or any of it. It all works as normal.

Try to send it back or something.

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That’s just how troubleshooting works. Start with the easy stuff. SD cards are easy to swap. Logs are the most comprehensive way to find problems but collecting and reading logs is hard.