Write a rubber ducky script to test 5 most common patten to unlock Android lockscreen without using adb

Write a rubber ducky script to test 5 most common patten to unlock Android lockscreen without using adb.

Pretty sure that should be somewhere on github already (or atleast something similar).

I havent found one, maybe I’ll give it a shot tonight after work…

I really don’t understand what is the question here.

How to write a RubberDucky Script to hack android Lock-Screen with pin?

You’ll need a amount of delay, that makes sense. For older Android (Stock 7 and before) 7 sec initial, 5 sec between tries and 30 sec every 5 tries was a good start.
Some vendors may vary.
The PIN is given wit a simple string 1234.
With this information it should be easy to write a simple script. There are no state checks possible.

What are the 4 most used codes?

I’m not an expert. But people keep telling me their PIN. I don’t know why.
Based on this I can say, pattern like 0000, 1234, 1379, … (and variations) are not as often as you may think. Birth dates are popular, but what are the 5 most common birth days? mm/dd? dd.mm? yyyy? mm/yy? The own? The partners? The kids? The cats?
In a group I was active, the car plates (4 digits are possible in Germany) are popular.

I say the 5 most popular codes are: 4645 4981 1494 7734 5428
Right, these are just random hits on the keyboard. But on the other side: Feel free to prove I am wrong.

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Let me know if this works. Works great for me. To be clear I don’t think this will get you many unlocks but it seems to function.
5 common pins.txt (223 Bytes)

^^It’s a good script, though! :grin::grin:

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I have a tip that might be more useful then the script. I attach a real keyboard to a device before I start writing a script and experiment with the keys to see how the device reacts. That was particularly useful when I was experimenting with BadUSB on FireTV.

I’ve written some scripts for this, check this topic: https://forum.flipperzero.one/t/i-don-t-have-app-lock-pin-brutefo /14379/2

You messed up that link.

That’s strange, I just copy/pasted an URL. Retry: I don’t have app_lock-pin-brutefor - #2 by Octukal

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