Writtable animal chip

Hi there!

The sad part of this story is that recently one of our cats has died recently. I have her chip saved in flipper and emulation works with an automatic feeder.

I want to make key-chains for me and me wife to put in a chip with the ID as a simbolic memory… But I don`t know what I have to look to buy a writable chip that Flipper can actually write.

My cat chip is an FDX-B, ID starting in 941

Thanks in advance

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https://www.amazon.com/DDZ-Microchip-134-2kHz-ISO11784-Animal/dp/B07TW9QVVS claims “The chip does not need to be written by itself when it comes with raw data. International Animal Coding Committee Certification (ICAR). Free 15 ICAR certification number.It is also possible to change the data through the reader.”

Flipper writes only one type of blanks. It is capable of holding animal chip data, too, and is called T5577. They are everywhere: on AliExpress, on eBay, on Joom, on Amazon, etc. Maybe even in your local electronics shop.