Card can't read by Flipper Zero

Hi Flipper Friends,

I’ve got a white RFID card with four digits on the left which can not read by Flipper Zero (nether rfid nor nfc). Its read by mine “Elatec TWN4 LEGIC NFC” (It reads both, NFC and RFID) without problems.

When read by my twn legic reader, it give me this result: 81840613

RAW readings included: (124.1 KB)

Legic is still not supported by the Flipper: Legic Prime

Technical the Flipper Hardware would be able but it’s a lot of work to implement. I’ve tried and ended up buying a Proxmark3.

Thanks for the Info.
Is it possible to write with my “Elatec TWN4 LEGIC NFC”?

I don’t understand the question.

If legic is not supported, how should it be possible to write?
What information should the Flipper write if he can’t understand it?