Flipper as an Universal Converter Box

List of ways to turn Flipper into Universal Converter Box. Some was mentioned earlier. Please correct if I’m wrong.

Already implemented:

  • USB keyboard/mouse
  • USB/SPI, I2C (?, I saw it advertised but nothing specific)
  • Bluetooth keyboard/mouse

Possible without modifying Flipper, but with helper on other side:

  • USB drive
  • USB/infrared
  • USB/RFID, NFC, radio, iButton reader (noninteractive)

Possible with app on Flipper:

  • USB/audio (internal speaker or out to GPIO)
  • USB/infrared (mimic some well-known device)
  • USB drive (slow)
  • USB Bluetooth dongle (limited)
  • USB logic analyzer/oscilloscope
  • IrDA file transfer (?)

Nice but impossible:

  • USB/NFC reader (interactive for libnfc)
  • USB radio (AFAIK most software wants SDR)

Other ideas?

I haven’t found a way to update message, so here:

  • USB/audio (connect to bluetooth headset, be a Bluetooth dongle for dumb devices)
  • Bluetooth/audio (same ways as for USB/audio)



Sort of implemented

Requested in another topic IR FTP App ?!