Flipper Zero can read cards but can't emulate them

Hello everyone,
I just my flipper zero yesterday, and I am testing my flipper today. My flipper can read the card correctly, finding 32/32 keys and 16/16 sectors. But when I try to emulate, through the flipper, to the reader to open the lock, the reader does not pick up the emulation. I know the lock can be opened with a flipper because my friend’s flipper can read the card and emulate it, and the door will open when they hold it to the lock. My flipper is fully updated, so i know it is not a software issue. If someone could help me if me determine if flipper is defective, I would really appreciate it.

Hey FourK,

Were you able to solve this issue? I just received my FZ and have read a couple of RFID cards successfully (yet to test), plus our apartment door lock NFC app which I run on my Android phone to open our apartment door. The NFC app was found to be an ISO14443-4A (Unknown) card. When I emulate it, I can only emulate the UID, not the entire reading. Door won’t open, upon emulating the UID.

Anything more that I can do to try and get the NFC app duplicated successfully?